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July 04, 2022


Of note, five years ago today I wrote: Lighting illegal fireworks with an illegal cigar because Independence Day.

Today, neither the cigar nor fireworks are illegal.

July 01, 2022


By now, you’ve all probably seen this story and seen this or a similar image:


Some times, some gun nuts are dumb. And this was one of those times. One group decided that the two in the video were idiots because they obviously didn’t have training. Complaints include:

Pointing the handgun at people
Dude pointing the gun at his wife
Bad gun handling
Holding an AR like an 80s action movie extra
Holding a handgun like she’s trying not to get any on her
Finger on the trigger (uhm, she looked like she was ready to shoot so not calling her on that)
A2s are stupid
Taurus’s are stupid

The list goes on. And a lot of it is true. Sure, they could use training. But there are people like this all around. People who bought a gun during a panic buy; people who bought one because they thought it was a good idea; people who bought one because of some impending ban. This list goes on. They’re gun owners but not necessarily gun people.

But they saw a violent threat that had destroyed property and was trespassing. The crowd threatened them. And their dog. And they were having none of that. And no one go killed in the streets.

Even with little or no training, a gun can still be useful.

June 30, 2022


Facebook: You can’t sell gun or gun related stuff on our platform.

Also Facebook: Here’s an ad to purchase an illegal firearm suppressor:



Once the pandemic started, things got weird. Suddenly, everyone was out of toilet paper. Store shelves empty. People doing without. Probably a surge in home bidet sales too. And hell if I know why. Personally, I wasn’t dropping any more deuces than usual. The same happened with cleaners and other paper products. At least that made sense.

Then, it was ground meat. Around here, I couldn’t find it. Fortunately for me, I have a meat grinder and that and some chuck and fat make ground beef. And a Boston butt, with some seasoning, can be turned into breakfast or Italian sausage. It only recently resurfaced.

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Then, I saw signs like this:

Not that big a deal. Just meant I couldn’t enjoy my occasional caffeine-free diet Coke.

One of my kids’ dumb-dick friends broke the control panel on the hot tub. The replacement part, I was warned, was taking longer than the usual three days to get in and that it would take 10 days or so. It was ordered in May. It got here yesterday.

Chicken wings. Kind of a tradition here that, once per week, I make the kids chicken wings. They love them. I haven’t seen a chicken wing in a store in two months.

A friend of mine is in the furniture business. In April, his business was 15% of what it usually was. In May and June, it’s 150% of what it usually was. My home sales have been through the roof. My theory is everyone was stuck at home and realized they didn’t like the home or the furniture and they had the time to look around.

But the weirdest one to me was the day I couldn’t find pickles. Particularly Claussen pickles. My kids love them. Personally, I prefer to make my own and do. But I couldn’t find any Claussen pickles. Or any other pickles that are kept refrigerated. I didn’t check the non-refrigerated kind at the store because we don’t eat those. But, really, pickles. Makes as much sense as toilet paper, I suppose.

June 18, 2022


I’ve been noticing it a lot lately. And, today, I decided to document all the virtue signalling I am subjected to. This started at about 8 am this morning and by 9:15, I saw all of this:



Wanting to be left out of all of it is not good enough.

June 16, 2022


Putting it together, I made a mistake of having the stock fold to the left side.

This seemed easier to operate but it also did the following:

*Hit the charging handle.

*Interfered with the sling.

*And it interfered with the grip.


Roberts, again

SCOTUS Denies Cert In Pending 2A Cases. Roberts is the gift that keeps on giving, isn’t he?

The strategy of winning at the courts seems to be failing.


The NRA calls out Fudds.


In light of recent events:

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The police show up to search an 11 year-old’s bedroom because some pearl-clutcher saw a BB gun during an online school meeting.


Graphic images at link, you’ve been warned. This looks more like a case against leather holsters to me.


Joe went and visited pcvpn免费err Veganzuela err Emo Jiwa err CHAZ err CHOP and 免费的pcvpn.


38 Double Action Perfected Model



18 murders in one day, a new record. I’m certain the Black Lives Matter folks will pay serious attention to this.

Machine gun case advancing through courts

Was stopped when the DOJ filed a motion to vacate because they would likely lose.

NRA Annual Meeting

It has been rescheduled in a new location.


I lost an argument so change the meaning of the word.


Trump’s Bump Stock Ban Is Under Fire From His Own Judicial Appointees

Kavanaugh was critical of it too. This was a bad executive decision that, in a reasonable world, could not stand judicial scrutiny.


That seems odd.


The fastest socialists ever went hungry.

Meanwhile, I’m certain all those going on about armed insurrection from right wing zealots are in a rush to condemn CHAZ, right?

Gun control cannot work

Thanks to 3D printing: Winnipeg man arrested had 3D printed receivers.

Gun Porn


June 08, 2022

The reason is on your TeeVee

The year gun control died.

But I’m told gun ownership is on the decline!

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A police chief has forced out after supporting the second amendment rights in his community.


In their zeal to ban guns, Canada managed to ban the website


He has a history of saying dumb things about guns, the latest:

Instead of standing there and teaching a cop when theres an unarmed person coming at em with a knife or something to shoot em in the leg instead of the heart is a very different thing

Unarmed and with a knife! Also, if one has to shoot someone in self defense, you shoot to stop. Not to kill or to wound.

Ruger LCP 22LR

A look over at LuckyGunner. I’m sort of torn on this one. Given its size relative to the LCP 380, I’d weigh the caliber a bit. On the other, in 22LR, I don’t have to invest in another caliber. On the third hand, the capacity is noce.

Shocking no one

Crime soars in New Zealand after gun bans.

Life in the future

Elmer Fudd becomes a real Fudd because the “reboot” will not put guns in the episodes. Cannons and scythes, sure. Guns, nope. Also, hunting rabbits with a scythe sounds totally realistic.

The future is stupid.